Chantlers Primary School pupils

Vision & Values

Our Mission Statement

Chantlers Primary School is a nurturing learning community committed to preparing children academically and socially to strive, with high expectations, for excellence in all they do.

Our Vision

Is to be a centre of excellence and the natural choice school for our community.

School Moto 

'A World of Possibilities'

Our Aims
  • We discover and realise the genius and uniqueness in everyone
  • We learn about and respect the people with whom we share our world
  • We constantly develop and acquire the skills needed to achieve personal success
  • We strive to ensure each individual has confidence and high self-esteem
  • We learn to treat and respect others the way we like to be treated
  • To create a stimulating environment which reflects our values and promotes a sense of self-worth in everyone.
  • To build strong collaborative partnerships with families and the local community.
  • To provide a rich, broad, balanced and creative curriculum that combines excellence in teaching with enjoyment of learning.
  • To recognise and plan for all learning styles and interests, whilst ensuring all children have equal access to the curriculum enabling them to reach their full potential.
  • To promote life-long learning through high quality continual professional development, effective communication with all stakeholders and by developing a learning culture throughout the school, for all.
  • To promote social, cultural, moral and spiritual development, supporting pupils, staff and stakeholders to become confident and responsible members of society.
  • To establish an atmosphere in which every child has a positive self-image and where individual achievements are valued by all.
  • To include all members of the school community in the process of school improvement and self-evaluation

Our houses are based on our school values and underpin all that we do at Chantlers

  • Shakespeare - RESPECT
  • Pankhurst - INTEGRITY
  • Brontë - RESILIENCE
  • Owens - PRIDE
  • Lowry - EXCELLENCE
Our School House Values