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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

  • Places are booked and paid for on a Monday morning. This is to ensure that all those parents needing out of school care can be accommodated.

  • Payment is made the following week for those children who have spent additional time in the club than originally booked. Parents of children that regularly attend will pay

  • Any additional hours requested on the same day costs £3.50 per hour for parents whose children regularly attend out of school club. The cost for parents who do not use the club on a regular basis and need a place on the same day is £4.50 per hour. Any queries please see Miss Ward.

  • We regret that once a place is booked and paid for it cannot be refunded unless your child is ill or has an appointment. This is due to staffing costs and organisation. (Other circumstances may apply.)

  • For safeguarding purposes, parents must notify Chilling Club or school if a child will not be attending but is already booked in. If a child does not arrive when they are expected an investigation would ensue to ensure that child is safe.

   Email or telephone 0161-761-1074

   If your child is absent from school and will not be attending Chilling Club

   please inform the School Office.

  • If a child no longer requires a place in the Chilling Club notification in writing is required or complete one of the forms on the relevant clubs pages.

  • Appropriate behaviour is expected from all children whilst attending the Club. Any persistently unacceptable behaviour may mean your child can no longer attend the Club.


For safeguarding purposes, arrangements must be made and agreed upon before an unauthorised person is allowed to pick up a child. Alternatively, a confidential password can be put in place if other people are collecting children.


The school offer a variety of extra-curricular activities e.g. Choir, Basketball, Football, Dance etc. If a child is attending any of these please it should be indicated on the permission slip so staff know where children are, especially if they are due to go to Chilling Club at the end of the activity.