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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

We are called Class L


Miss C Hall (Teacher)

Mrs S Casement (TA)



Teacher Contact Form

Please complete the form below to notify your child(ren's) class teacher of anything that is going really well or if you have any worries or concerns. We are here to help and support your child(ren) in anyway we can. This form will be strictly confidential and will email his/her class teacher directly.

Our topic this half term is:


Where is the Tin Forest?


In this topic the children will be learning:


We will be reading the enjoyable, uplifting and rewarding book, ‘The Tin Forest’. Alongside the book, we will be creating a number of art pieces that support our topic of 3D sculptures and our design and technology topic of construction.


Time table of important information



PE kits needed in school.

Times table test


Times table test


Times table test



Spelling test

Times table test

PE Kit needed in school.



 Times table test

As part of our outdoor learning day, we went to our pond area and enjoyed making s’mores on the fire with Mr Lea, Miss Gardiner and Miss Ward. It was so much fun!

The Coming of the Iron Man


On Monday the 30th of April, Year 4 created the Iron Man. The work the children produced was incredible, we are sure you will all agree. Thank you so much for all your donations, we had an amazing day and have learnt a lot from the experience.

Can we create our own Iron Man?


This half term we are reading, ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. We have been set the challenge to design and build our own Iron Man. Please look at our first designs. One was even to scale on the playground.

We will keep you updated with our progress!

On Friday 17th of November we visited the Bury Safety Centre - Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service.


The children had a brilliant day learning all about how to stay safe and what to do if there is a fire. Their behaviour was superb!

Bury Safety Centre - Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service Visit



In Maths we have developed our understanding of problem solving. To solve addition and subtraction problems, we have used the bar model method.

Have a look at some of the problems we created and then how we used the bar model to solve them.

The Ancient Romans

To introduce our new topic of the Ancient Romans, we celebrated with an Ancient Roman Party!


We dressed in Togas, watched a chariot race, ate and drank Ancient Roman foods and even got into the roles of emperors and slaves.

National Funghi Day

On Tuesday the 10th of October Class 4L celebrated National Funghi Day.


We were visited by Mr. Mckernan, an expert in the field, we learnt a lot about funghi and then went on our very own funghi hunt!


We managed to find over 10 different kinds of funghi!

Contructing our Pyramid


The Growth...


Can you see how our pyramid has changed over the past week. We continue to add our best pieces to our impressive structure!

In Year 4L we have been learning all about the Ancient Egyptian’s pyramids. As a class we decided to build our own. On our pyramid we have started to showcase our best work throughout the topic.

European Day of Languages

For European Day of Languages we focussed on the country, Russia. We studied the artist Leonid Afremov and created our own interpretation of his work!

Using Hieroglyphics

We have been studying the use of hieroglyphics in Ancient Egypt. We created our own prints using art straws and cardboard. We then used the prints to create our whole class display. We have studied how the Ancient egyptians created these images on the walls of their pyramids.



In Class we have mummified our own Pharaohs. We had to adapt some of the steps, but we had a great time going through the process. We are now creating instructional pieces to show this process.


We completed the mummification process.

Over the last couple of weeks we have mummified our Pharaoh’s, decorated their sarcophagus and finally added our Egyptian prayers to guide them through to the Afterlife.




For our homework we designed our very own Ancient Egyptian Death Mask.

They really are spectacular and amazingly designed by our children.

Ancient Egyptian Mask