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‘a world of possibilities’

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

We are called Class T


Mr D Hughes (Teacher)


Our book this half term is:


‘Pebble in My Pocket’ by Meredith Hooper.


In this topic the children will be learning:


About earthquakes and volcanoes. We will be using maps and atlases to improve our geography skills. We will also be painting pictures and making models of volcanoes.


Time table of important information







Timestable Test


Spelling Test



Class Gallery of Learning...

Viking Ships

For our homework this half term, we created our very own Viking Long Ships. The ships that the children created and brought in were incredible.

A lot of hard work and effort went into this homework! On Thursday the 13th we sailed the ships in our pond, nearly all the ships successfully sailed.

The Day We Received Our Chrome Books…


Monday was a very exciting day! In the morning, we all received our brand new chrome books!


We cannot wait to use them in school and at home for our various subjects.


We will be learning new and exciting technologies and software to help us in our futures.

The Old Man’s Dreams


In our book, The Tin Forest, the old man lived in a horrible place. He dreamed about a ‘better’ place. He was dreaming about a rain forest.


As a class we created our very own images of the rain forest. We developed our blending skills in art and are very proud of our outcomes. Stay tuned to see what we create next!

Year Three’s Toucan Birds


The art skills we have focussed on for our art display this half term was printing.

We used Lego bricks to create our very colourful Toucan Birds. For our Rainforest leaves we designed our very own printing block.


We are very proud of our work!

Welcome to the Northern Lights


Our new book, ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope,’ is set in mythical Iceland. To introduce the new book we created our own Northern Lights.


We used a creative technique involving chalk and a brushing skills. Our work is displayed in our classroom and will support a lot of our learning during the half term.

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