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Sports Premium

At Chantlers Primary School we believe that developing children’s physical literacy gives them the tools for lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.


Children’s early experiences of sport are crucial to the development of high levels of expertise. Physical literacy is promoted and developed through a combination of school based physical education, as well as other structured activity programs run out of school hours.


The Sports Premium funding has had a direct impact upon the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural aspect of our Curriculum. Children are challenged in their PE lessons, and develop confidence and self-esteem. We promote British Values by placing an emphasis on the need to work together as a team, regardless of ability. Additionally, this impacts upon pupils physical and mental health and wellbeing.


This year, we will be receiving £18,090 to spend purely on our PE provision within our school.


Please read the below information which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.        



The government is providing funding of £150 million per annum to provide Primary Schools with Sports Funding. The money will go directly to primary schools in order to improve sport and PE. This funding - provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport - will be allocated to primary school headteachers.

Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this.
Possible uses for funding include:

-Hiring specialist PE teachers and qualified coaches to work alongside teachers when teaching PE
-Implementing Change4Life clubs within school
-Providing new sports clubs which offer new challenges for all children
-Providing CPD opportunities for all members of staff in school
-Increasing participation in school games
-Providing resources for PE and Sport
-To involve all children in PE and Sport through inclusion support
-Introduction of intervention groups for PE to support children working at different levels within the curriculum


We had a final amount of £9,055 to spend primarily on Sports Funding for school last year. At Chantlers Primary School, we believe that developing children’s physical literacy gives them the tools for life-long participation in physical activity and sport. Children who experience sport early on in their education are more likely to develop high levels of expertise. Physical literacy is promoted and developed through a combination of school-based physical education as well as other structured activity programs run out of school hours. In 2016/17, the PE and Sports Premium has been allocated in different ways stated below.

Another large chunk of our sports funding is spent on staffing costs. At Chantlers, we strive to employ and develop fantastic PE teachers who enjoy teaching PE and have a real passion to pass on their skills to the children. Within this, money is spent on training staff and allowing them to attend CPD courses to increase their knowledge and confidence when teaching a variety of sports. Furthermore, we encourage teachers and teaching staff to pass on their interests and particular skills by running clubs at lunch-time and afterschool. As a result, the children admire the teachers that join in with their PE sessions and have developed a positive attitude towards PE.

Last year, we set aside a week for health, well-being and fitness for the children at Chantlers. In this week, the children had the opportunity to try new things, talk about their feelings, and understand how to be healthy and why it is so important. We invited external visitors to talk to the children and engage them in different activities. For example, DrumsAloud ran a workshop from Early Years to Year 6 and taught them that you can exercise, have fun and learn alongside music all at the same time. We also had visits from ASDA, who provided fresh fruit, allowed us to understand the benefits of healthy eating and allowed us to make our very own healthy smoothie.

Last year, we bought a lot of new equipment for the children to use within their PE sessions, to use in extra-curricular clubs and to play with at lunchtime. We bought a variety of equipment for different sports such as tennis, football and dodgeball.

We also spent some of our funding on entering our school into sports competitions, which enabled our pupils to develop a sense of competition, teamwork and pride when representing our school.

Also, we spent money on different sport companies (QFirstSports and Jo’s Sports Services), which provided P.E sessions throughout the school in athletics, dance and games. Through this, the children experienced different teaching styles and it also allowed for gifted and talented children to become better at their sport whilst providing a link for the children to attend more professional clubs outside of school.


This year, we will be receiving £18,090 to spend purely on our PE provision within our school.

Through hiring qualified sports coaches, we will be working alongside experts in order to improve subject knowledge for teachers whilst promoting a higher level of teaching P.E and love of the sport for the children. We will be promoting local coaches through our health and fitness week, where coaches will be leading sessions with the children and also with parents. Through this, the benefits will be valuable to all within the school. The children will develop and master fundamental skills whilst learning how to apply these in team games and performances. In addition to this, teachers will have the opportunity to share good practice with the coaches and develop their own skills when leading their own PE sessions.

Through providing a variety of clubs and encouraging children to participate in after school clubs, children will be able to develop more specific skills and learn the rules in different sports and they will be able to take part with their friends to increase their mental and social well-being. By training staff through the use of coaches and sports courses, more members of our school will be more experienced and confident when running clubs after school. We will be providing these opportunities for children to attend clubs from Foundation Stage to KS2.

Through increasing participation in school sport competitions, we will be working on developing new ways to increase participation in team games throughout school. We have signed up to the local authority’s school games and competitions and have shown interest in competing in different sports which will be prepared for during our clubs and PE sessions in school. We are also developing our lunch-time play equipment to enable children to play team games together. This will support children in taking part in more physical activity every day. We are now fully participating in the ‘Daily Mile’ which is encouraging our children to become more physically active and develop a love for exercise. It has also already made our pupils more motivated to run and on the return into class, they are more focused on their learning.

Through updating equipment, our children will have a range of new equipment to work with in lessons, clubs and lunch-time games. We are purchasing more equipment so that every child can work independently to develop their skills. By purchasing high quality resources we will be able to provide a richer and more fulfilling experience for the pupils.

Through providing interventions for staff CPD, our teaching staff will have a better understanding of how to plan for, deliver and assess their own PE sessions. As a result of this, teachers will be able to highlight specific children who need further support with their fundamental skills, whilst promoting and pushing the more able students to become even better performers of their sport.

Through hiring guest speakers and known athletes, children will be inspired by these people to want to compete or take part in sessions in their favourite sport. Pupils will be given the opportunity to listen to presentations from the athletes who will then take the children for a PE lesson.

Through staff training in gymnastics and other specific sports from the PE leader in staff meetings and INSET days, teachers within school will become more experienced and confident when teaching the sport and will be more aware of teaching gymnastics safely in each year group and its expectations.

Through providing parent sports workshops and sports sessions, parents will develop their skills in working on their own and their child’s fundamental skills whilst understanding the significance of healthy lifestyles and diet.

Through organising show case events and purchasing resources for a sport in school, the PE leader will be able to see a clear progression of skills throughout the school and children will be able to see where they are in terms of their development and achievement. This will allow children to develop a sense of performance and a love or inspiration to take part in a sport.

Through providing pupils with the chance to deliver activities to the rest of the school, purchasing equipment that they need and training staff to work alongside the children, children will develop a sense of ownership over their own learning and be more engaged with sports and having a healthy lifestyle. This will be worked upon within our Forest School sessions, ensuring staffs training is up-to-date, and our health and fitness week where Year 6 pupils will be able to plan and deliver sessions to the rest of the school.