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Ms T Lucas (Early Years Leader)

Miss A Dutton (Teacher)

Mrs M Harrison (TA)

Miss C McGill (TA)

Mrs J Coles (TA)

Our book this half term is:


‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell


In this topic the children will be learning:


In this first half term we focus on settling your children and ensuring that they are happy and excited to come to school by providing lots of exciting activities to explore both inside and outside the classroom. We will be using role-play to develop skills in taking turns to speak and listen to each other carefully.  There are always lots of opportunities to share news with the class, getting to know our new friends.

The story Owl Babies gives us opportunities to look at Bill and his family. It enables the children to look at different types of families.  We will be comparing different ways that families exist and the different roles and responsibilities within those families.

 We will also be able to learn about Owls when one comes to visit us!


Time table of important information


Once all children are settled, this will be our timetable of when your child will need their PE kits, when books will be collected and when books will be sent home. We do not start phonics straight away and there will be a phonics workshop for you to attend. In this, we will share with you, how your child will be learning phonics and ideas on how you can help at home.


Phonics book

There will not be a new sound in on Fridays, however your child will still have their phonic book sent home so you are able to practice over the weekend if you would like to, or catch up on the sounds learnt over the week.


In Reception we try to access the outdoor provision no matter the weather. Please could your child bring in their own pair of named wellies that are able to stay in school under their peg.




Collect in reading books. Phonics book – new sound in



Phonics book – new sound in. Collect library books in



Phonics book – new sound in. New library book to go home



Phonics book – new sound in. New library book to go home


PE - Your child may leave their named PE kit in school on their peg. It will be sent home at the end of every half term


Autumn 1 Information

Teacher Contact Form

Please complete, if you have any enquiries regarding Reception. This form is confidential and will only be sent to the class Teacher.