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Pastoral, Well-Being and Support

Chantlers Primary School is fully committed to the protection and nurturing of all our pupils and in creating an inclusive, safe and secure environment in which they can develop into responsible, confident, self-aware, capable young people who are well equipped to cope with the challenges ahead of them.


Mrs Veronica Martin is our Pastoral Manager, as well as monitoring attendance at school, she is Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.


Mrs Martin provides pastoral support and guidance to all our children, promoting their well being by liaising with parents/guardians, school staff, and external agencies. 

Children are encouraged to approach Mrs Martin at any time if they feel in need of her support, alternatively they can post a request to speak to her into the post box outside her office which is in the main corridor. Mrs Martin works with individuals or groups of children to give them the very best possible care, removing barriers to learning, raising aspirations, and supporting every child in achieving their potential. 


Mrs Martin's aims include:-


To create a safe environment where children feel able to discuss their feelings and concerns and parents are confident that any issues they wish to discuss will be handled appropriately and with discretion. 


To work with children to enhance their self-worth and self-confidence and supporting them in developing resilience. 


To ensure that children feel valued and that they respect the views of others. 


To promote the school's Positive Discipline Policy and respect for the rights and responsibilities of staff, pupils, and parents. 


To encourage children to show respect and understanding of those whose culture, beliefs, or lifestyle may be different from their own. 


To ensure there is good communication between school, parent/guardians, and external agencies. 


To encourage children to take responsibility for their own actions, to develop self-discipline and self-respect, and to set themselves goals and targets. 


To support children to develop an understanding of themselves as individuals, as well as developing a respect and understanding of other people and their needs.


To  help children gain an understanding of the world in which they live and support them in preparing for the next stage of their life.


If you have any pastoral concerns about any of our children, or if there are  personal or family concerns that you feel may affect them and which you would like to discuss please contact Mrs Martin either on the school telephone number 0161 761 1074 or by using the contact form.

Mrs V Martin