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Alison Delaney Visit

One of Britain's most influential and rising star children's book authors, Alison Delaney, surprised Chantlers children, with a special visit on world Book Day 2022.


With Alison's first in a series of three amazing books, 'Little Chick had lunch on the moon' is our school book, this tells the story of believing they can achieve their hopes and dreams.


The Second - 'Little chick finds his first best friend', which tells the story of children learning all about their inner beauty, loving every bit of themselves and believing that they are worthy to have meaningful and valuable friendships.


The Third - 'Little chicks nest egg' enlightens children on how to save for a rainy day and the importance of financial stability and security in order to achieve their goals and aspirations.


We, at Chantlers, wish to THANK Alison for her kind donation, as all our children received copies of these wonderful books. The children were extremely excited and these books will be treasured always.