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Letters for Parents

MacMillan Coffee Morning - 25th September 2020

Reconnection Plan

28th August 2020


Dear Parents


Reconnection Plan September 2020

I hope you have had a wonderful summer break and managed to enjoy whatever you have felt comfortable doing during this time.

Welcome back to a new school year, it can’t be any stranger than the last one, but hopefully, some normality will take shape for us all.

Safety remains our priority as always but is even more prevalent whilst the COVID 19 pandemic continues.

Please find attached our Reconnection Plan, providing you with comprehensive details of the arrangements in place. Alongside these, some flexibility will be required during this time, as we have no idea what this term will ultimately throw at us.

However, as I have throughout, I will continue to communicate in an open and transparent way even when there may be difficult messages. I will be following the guidance as it’s sent from the Local Authority and DfE and as and when I know anything, I will let you know.

Over the summer:


  • The school has been fully re-painted internally and many aspects of the external grounds have also had a facelift.
  • It has been deep cleaned.
  • Summer holiday club ran for three weeks, which was a huge success. Many ‘Thanks’ to Ms Ward, Mr Sharp and Miss Carr for running it. Thank you to those who attended, for your emails of positive praise, it is always nice to receive positive feedback especially in a world where there is so much negative at present.

Welcome to Mr Jackson who will be teaching in Year 3, covering Mrs Pattison’s Maternity Leave this year.

Once more we look forward to working in partnership with you. If you have any problems or issues please come and see us. We operate an ‘open-door policy’ and would much prefer to help resolve an issue rather then grumblings on the playground or rants on social media. These are not helpful and will always be referred to legal services when they are reported to the school. Hopefully, you won’t have many of these.

As we missed many events last year, we will hopefully be bringing back our lovely community spirit and will see you at these. If you have any ideas of different ways to do these please let us know.

Kind regards
Philip Barlow
Headteacher/National Leader of Education