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Holiday Clubs

Holiday Clubs


We run our Holiday Clubs for 1 week of the Easter holidays and either two or three weeks of the Summer holiday.


We offer breakfast for those children who attend the early morning session and those that are with us for full days. Parents provide lunch for their child(ren) if they are in attendance over the lunchtime period, 12pm until 1pm.

For those children who are with us full-time, or a full day, juice and snacks are available throughout the day.


The times and prices for the Holiday Clubs are as follows:-

Full-Week                        8am-5pm                     £125

Full-Day                           8am-5pm                     £25

Half-Day morning             8am-12.30 pm              £15

Half-Day afternoon           2.30pm–5pm                £15


The clubs will only operate if there is sufficient demand; we need a minimum of 20 children per day, to make the clubs viable. Parents are asked to register their interest and give an indication of their requirements.


From the responses, parents will be notified if the club is running, at which time they will be able to reserve their place and pay via Parent Pay.


Our clubs are fun, active and exciting.

We offer a wide range of activities from themed days to creative days.

It is run by our Chilling Club staff so you can be safe in the knowledge

that your child is well looked after but also having lots of fun.