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Two pupils win Christmas Card Competition - Bury Times

Our new school addition - 'Myrtle' the Tortoise...

learning how to care
learning how to gain confidence
learning how to hold
learning how to socialise

Christmas - 2019

Chantlers got talent...

magic tricks
telling jokes
singing live
syncronised dancing
live keyboard playing
Church Carol Service 2019

Senior Leadership Team - cooking and serving our Canteen Staff...

SLT cooking Christmas Dinner
Mr Robinson preparing
Canteen Staff enjoying Christmas Dinner

Safeguarding:  Keeping our children safe on Bonfire Night...

Our 'DEN' Day


Below is a selection of the Dens that were constructed by our school children with a little help from our teachers (only a little). We had a great day building Dens from natural recycled materials.  Please take a few moments to view our gallery on the children's imaginations...

We pay our respects for all those who lost their lives and injured - love to their family and friends...

School Elections...


The Candidates for the positions of Head Boy, Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl delivered a presentation in front of the whole school.


Their presentations on 'Why am I suitable?' for these positions within Chantlers, these were outstanding and a credit to the children and their parents/carers. Each candidate delivered a inspirational speech, written by themselves. 


In the afternoon, all the school voted for their chosen candidate, reflecting the British Value of Democracy in action. The results were extremely close and the elected winners were overjoyed with their new roles. Congratulations to all children who put themselves forward. We were very proud of them all.

Head Boy
Head Girl
Deputy Head Boy
Deputy Head Girl
School Council
Class Ambassadors

Welcome to the School Gallery

House Points...

Year 6 Forest Schools...

Forest Schools are long term programmes within a natural space, lead by a qualified practitioner. They focus on developing personal, social and emotional life skills through learner led, nature-based learning. A Forest School develops by individuals in a setting becoming qualified Forest School Practitioners or drawing down funding to bring in an organisation that specialises in the delivery of Forest School programmes.


Initially, projects run from their own grounds/gardens/playing fields (where appropriate) allowing the children to become comfortable with an outdoor approach to education and play whilst in familiar surroundings. Allowing relationships based around trust and self-exploration to develop with the Forest School Leaders who start to facilitate a more child led outdoor curriculum when the group are ready they familiarise themselves with the route to the wood either on foot or by bus.


The group then have their introductory sessions in the woodland exploring the site establishing physical and behavioural boundaries. Safety procedures, hygiene and routines.


Once a group is established in the woodland and routines are set up, the project develops through a child led approach with opportunities for projects being taken back to the indoor setting to be continued.

Year 6 Greater Depth...


Year 6 planned and taught a forest Schools to EYFS and KS1. The lesson was based on a wildlife survey. Pupils worked in small groups to identify the fauna and flora found in the school grounds.

Reading/Writing Area - KS2 - Harry Potter

Harry Potter Potion laboratory Y5/6 Study Area
Harry Potter Train Carriage Y5/6 Writing Area
Reading Area - Y3/4
Learning Area - Y3/4

Reading/Writing Area - KS1

Reading Area
Library Area
Once upon a time

Reading/Writing Area - Early Years

EY Writing Area
Reading Area
IT Area
Rainbow Room

Children's Art