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Compatibility/Web Access/Legality

Legal Information:



If you publish an untrue statement about a person, which is damaging to their reputation, they may take libel action against you. This will also apply if you allow someone else to publish something libelous on your webpage if you know about it and don’t take prompt action to remove it. A successful libel claim against you or the organisation (the council) could result in an award of damages against you.


Placing images or text on your site from a copyrighted source (for example extracts from publications or photos) without permission is likely to breach copyright. Avoid publishing anything you are unsure about or seek permission in advance. Breach of copyright may result in an award of damages against you.

Data Protection;-

Avoid publishing the personal data of individuals unless you have their express written permission.

Obscene Material;- 

In addition, you should be aware of the following:

Treat others with respect.

Avoid personal attacks and disrespectful, rude or offensive comments.
Comply with equality laws.

Take care in publishing anything that might be considered sexist, racist, ageist, homophobic, or anti-faith.

Refrain from publishing anything you have received in confidence.

Ensure you do not bring the council into disrepute.



Access to our web site - compatible devices.


At Chantlers we do have an app that can be downloaded from the 'App Store' under Primary Site - Chantlers Primary School.


Easier access to our web site is to enter 'Chantlers Primary School' within Google search, click on the link and away you go. All our documents, links, etc are easily accessible. Please bear in mind that depending on your software on the device you are using, there may be a small conflict. Some of the content may not display correctly.


Compatible devices are as follows:


Internet Explorer 10+

Mac OS

IOS 9 + iPhone

IOS 9 + iPad

Android v4.4.4+ tablet

Google Chrome