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Charging and Remissions Policy


The Education Reform Act recognised both the principle of free school education and the right of schools to charge parents for optional activities. This position is reflected in this Charging Policy.


Where optional activities are totally or mainly inside school hours, parents will be initially canvassed as to their willingness to contribute voluntarily towards the proposed activity. The Headteacher will then decide depending upon the response as to whether the proposed activity should or should not be carried out.

Optional activities provided wholly or mainly outside of school hours will be charged to parents at actual cost.


Where activities involve costs of ingredients and/or materials, the cost will be borne by parents when they have indicated in advance a wish to own the finished product.


The Governing Body does not wish children to be excluded from activities due to genuine financial hardship each case will be viewed on its merits by the Headteacher in confidence. Provision may then be made in total or partially from other sources.


Parents will be charged for the cost of breakages, damage and loss of books, materials equipment and school fabric and fittings resulting from pupils non-accidental behaviour. Any such charges will take into account the age and condition of the item which has been damaged or lost and the circumstances involved.