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Catch-Up Statement



At Chantlers, we believe that every school has to ensure that each child is entitled to the best possible chance of achieving their potential.


Any pupil who has been identified as having gaps in their learning, during pupil progress reviews, is entitled to additional intervention from the government’s catch-up premium. This is to improve their literacy and numeracy skills to enable them to succeed throughout school and make their expected progress. Chantlers will provide additional intervention to those who struggle with literacy and numeracy through targeted interventions.


In the autumn term, we are using our catch-up funding to address the shortfall of those pupils in Key Stage 2. This will continue into the spring term when identified pupils in Key Stage 1 will also be supported.


Ongoing assessments and pupil progress reviews will ensure that all children who require access to the catch-up programme are identified and supported so that every child has the best possible chance of making the necessary progress.


During the autumn term, £5120 has been spent on the catch-up programme. The number of children who have benefitted from this premium is as follows:


Year Group

Number of Children Involved in

Weekly Sessions


Year 6


Maths & English

Year 5


Maths & English

Year 4


Maths & English

Year 3


Maths & English

Year 2


Maths & English

Year 1


Maths & English



Maths & English